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Better Lobby / Teller Management - Features

The Teller Visit Recorder is a personal “dashboard” for each teller (right) — permitting visit duration to be captured at the click of a button. A view of the new account platform is provided to encourage referrals and make for an elegant “hand off” from Teller to Platform staff.

Personal “Current Visit Duration“ and “Visitors Served” counts are displayed to assist the Teller in meeting performance and utilization objectives.

When the Staff Scheduler module is also in use, shift hours and breaks are displayed for each employee and may be updated by management in real-time to communicate changes to break start times.

I.E. Add-on - included is an Internet Explorer “add-on” for the Teller Visit Recorder that easily installs between the I.E. Toolbars and the browser window (as shown below), acting as a remote control for the Teller Visit Recorder when the teller is on another browser page (i.e. the host system), making it easier to accurately record the start and stop of each member visit.

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