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Better Lobby / Teller Management Introduction

Better Lobby / Teller does what no core system can do — it captures teller visit duration and frequency in real-time, so that management can optimize staffing and performance to meet your organization's service objectives It even reports on when lines are have formed for teller service!

The module records teller visits by branch, employee and time-of-day to provide an important real time measure of "teller busyness" at each location. Using the Teller Visit Recorder is made remarkably easy through the use of an Internet Explorer Add-on that can be positioned at the top of your Host Screen (see features section)

Teller Management Benefits - The Teller Module is a component of the Better Lobby Solution that (more about teller management benefits…)

Teller Management Features - The Teller Visit Recorder is the Teller's personal "dashboard" in (read more about teller management features…)

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