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Mobile Wait Indicator

Better Lobby's Mobile Wait Indicator encourages branch visits from the mobile channel and helps visitors select the best time to visit the branch, resulting in higher member satisfaction and "smoother" branch traffic flow.

For each branch equipped with Better Lobby, the Wait Indicator feature provides real-time "Visitors Waiting" and "Longest Wait" to your clients via your corporate Web-site and compatible Mobile web pages. Branch Wait-time displays, suitable for a wall-mounted flat screen are also included in the solution.


  • Promotes branch use in the mobile channel
  • Valued by members who want to avoid busy periods
  • Helps "shift" some branch traffic from peak times to non-peak times
  • Encourages the use of under-utilized branches
  • Enhances CU's image with technology savvy members
  • Lowers staff stress caused by serving members who have grown tired of waiting
  • Provides a "high tech, high touch" point of competitive differentiation

Many mobile devices are supported and both Mobile and Website Wait Time screens can be modified to reflect corporate Branding.

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