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Main Service Queue - Benefits

The benefits of the Main Sales & Service Queue extend well beyond the first point of contact with your client. They include:

Service Quality and Sales
  • Improves speed and quality of branch service.
  • Helps build customer loyalty.
  • Enables an elegant referral or service "hand-off" from Teller to Platform staff.
  • Encourages best work practices and enables superior customer service.
  • Encourages cross-selling and referrals.
Cost Control
  • Helps control and reduce labor cost
  • Affordable, with an attractive return on investment (ROI) - pays for itself in months, not years
Management Control and Compliance
  • Helps management monitor employee performance standards.
  • Increases management's "span of control".
  • Greatly improves management access to service metrics in real-time.
Installation and Start-up
  • Technically easy to deploy - no special client applications are needed.
  • Readily adopted by staff - requires little effort to learn and use.
  • Easily "fits" your organization's special requirements.

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