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Retail Branch Overview

Managing and serving waiting visitors in a retail-style branch requires new tools and techniques — and we can help. Better Lobby makes visitor check-in and service tracking fast and easy, while providing visitors with their position “in line” and management with important information on visits, wait times, services and staff utilization. Better Lobby can also help manage the use of video technology to connect expert staff to branch visitors — giving even the smallest branch a sales “footprint” that competes with the largest competitors!

For Credit Unions that operate both traditional and retail style branches, the same Better Lobby solution can be used in all branches, reducing staff training and standardizing management reporting.

Specific areas important for retail-style branches include:

Kiosk Self Check-in - Essential in the retail branch concept to ensure that visitors can queue themselves for service when there is no line to join. Supports both Appointments and Walk-ins.(more about Kiosk…)

Concierge Check-in - easily and quickly queue the incoming visitor on a wireless iPad or Windows tablet computer.

Branch Service Queue Wall Display - provides confirmation to waiting visitors that they are “checked in” and shows where they are in the service queue. Displays appointment time for those that have appointments.(more about Branch Service Queue Display…)

Main Service Queue - visible to all staff (anywhere in the credit union), it displays visitors waiting, being served and the staff available to serve at all branch locations.(more about Main Service Queue…)

Mobile Appointment Booking Tool - makes it easy for members to book an appointment with qualified staff at any branch. Integrates with Better Lobby Appointment Calendar and Outlook to ensure an enterprise-wide view of member appointments.(more about Appointment Booking Tool …)

Branch Video Meetings - overcomes the operational challenge of connecting branch visitors with expert staff at other locations. Upon signing into Better Lobby Queue, visitors eligible for video meetings are made visible to all expert staff, who can initiate the video meeting with a few clicks in Better Lobby.(more about Branch Video Meetings (VMQ) …)

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